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Z Enterprises Group Yachting
Z Enterprises Group Yachting
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Tzaneria Bay views, Skiathos
Tzaneria Bay views, Skiathos
Tzaneria Bay views, Skiathos

When talking about the history of Skiathos, one can go on endlessly.  In order for this short presentation not to become boring, we will list  in bullet layout the important dates and events up to date, in the history of Skiathos

-Dating as far back as the 7th century B.C, Skiathos first inhabitants were called “Pelasgoi”, from the region of Thrace.

-478 B.C Skiathos island becomes member of the first Athenian Coalition

-404 B.C Skiathos passes under the rule of Sparta

-378 B.C Skiathos becomes member of the second Athenian Coalition-during this time Skiathos has its own coin currency

-338 B.C Skiathos passes under the rule of Macedonians

-1204  Skiathos is “donated” to the Venetian Gizi brothers by the “Fragous”

-1453 Byzantine empire ruling of Skiathos ends

-1538 the Turks conquered the island after 7 days of siege; they caused a lot of deaths.

-1821 Greek revolution against the Turkish slavery

-1823 Turks try to retake Skiathos with 200 soldiers (after already being defeated), but Greeks with Karatasos, Gatsos and Perevos as leaders win and offer Skiathos her final, lasting independence.

-1829 Skiathos returns to its normal life and great progress took place in the coming years.  Only delay in the progress of Skiathos was   the Second World War time period when the Germans burned the island.